13 marzo 2016

[VIDEO TUTORIAL ENG] Come fare un turbo bruciatore di spirito fino a 1500 ° С “FACILE”

In questo video tutorialci mostra come costruirsi da se un perfetto bruciatore di spirito, con materiale reperibile in casa. Purtroppo il video è in lingua inglese, ma a parere mio chiarissimo seguendo le immagini.

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In today’s video I’m going to show you the idea of making a simple and easy spirit turbo burner up to +1500o C with your own hands at home. It’s quite easy and simple to make a spirit turbo burner up to +1500o C with your own hands. And the biggest advantage is that hand made burner won’t take much time and money! Easy-to-manufacture hand made liquid-fuel turbo burner will be useful both for tourists and summer residents. In the burner spirit is not burning, the spirit vapor is burning here. The vapor will appear itself as a result of heating of the burner from the candle heat.
Watch this video and make a turbo burner by yourself almost for free!

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